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We do not know about what mistakes you committed during salah, however there are some mistakes which do not break the salah and cause no harm to the salah. There are some mistakes which make it makrooh and there are some mistakes which break the salah and there are some which make it necessary to repeat the salah. The salah of males and females is very much similar, except a few differences, which are stated here.

1) In takbeera tahreema the hands will be lifted to the shoulders.

2) Keeping the hands in side the clothes at the time of Takbeer-e-Tahreema.

3) In the Qiyam putting the left palm on the chest below the bosoms and putting the right palm on the back of the left hand.

4) In ruku(bowing) , only putting the hands on the knees and not spreading the fingers.

5) In ruku, only bowing to the extent that the hands reach the knees.

6) To keep the legs slightly bent and not completely straight like men.

7) In sajda to draw the body close together meaning to join the arms with the sides of the body and join the stomach with the thighs and to join the backs of the thighs with the calves and to join shins with the ground

8) In sajdah, to lay the fore arms on the ground

9) In Qa'da, bringing both feet out on the right side and sitting on the left buttock.

10) In Qada and Jalsa, keeping the fingers together ( not spread out )

Allah knows the best

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