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Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) declared Medina to be as sacred as Abraham (peace be upon him) had declared Mecca to be. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "What lies between its (Medina's) two lava plains is sacred."

Borders of the Sanctuary of Medina

1. What lies between its two lava plains: The Eastern one, previously known as "Hirrat Waqim", and the Western one, known as "Hirrat Al-Wabrah."
2. Its three small mountains (Tudaru, Umm Khalid and Al-`Aqil or Al-`Aqir) are declared sacred. These mountains overlook Al-`Aqiq Valley on the western side of `Urwah Well (near the Islamic University).
3. Declaring the sacredness of what lies between Thaur and `Air:
* Thaur is a small, red mountain located behind Uhud. Nowadays, the airport road passes behind it.
* `Air is a huge, black mountain located to the southern east of Dhul-Hulaifah (Abyar `Ali). On its western pass runs the Hijrah Highway.
1. Verily, Medina is one of the most beloved places to Allah, the Exalted, because of the following merits: It is the land of His Prophet's migration (peace be upon him), it is his couch, and its people are his neighbors and supporters. Moreover, it is the abode of Faith, for to it returns Faith at the end of time. At its entrances, there are Guardian Angels. Neither Antichrist nor the Plague will be admitted to it. It will be the last city in the world to be ruined. It is the land of receiving Revelation [Wahi]. There is no place in Medina that has not had Qur'anic verses or Prophetic hadith revealed or said therein. It is the Sanctuary of Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him).
2. Whoever intends evil actions against Medina, Allah will wipe him out just as water dissolves salt. It expels its impious inhabitants. For it Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) made these supplications:
* O Allah! Make Medina as dear to us as You made Mecca dear or more.
* O Allah! Increase in Medina twice the blessing (Thou showered) upon Mecca.
* O Allah! Bless our Medina, bless us in our Sa` and Mudd, and make twice Thy blessing.
* Let him die in Medina who can do so.

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